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Mixing valve actuator SL 10

Description and characteristics:


Actuators from the SL series are characterized by compact construction and solid workmanship. Under the plastic housing there are: a gear with a maximum torque of 10 Nm, a synchronous motor, and two limit switches. The SL actuator is factory equipped with a 1.5 meter 3 x 0.75 cable. The actuator can only be installed by an installer with valid qualifications and appropriate substantive preparation. It is strictly forbidden to install the actuators by unauthorized persons who do not have specialist knowledge of electric actuators, their principles of operation and the principles of connection with the installation automation. Thanks to universal or special adapters, the actuator can be installed practically wherever it is required. The actuator is manually moved by pressing the manual/automatic switch and turning the handle. The actuator's rotation angle is factory set to 90° and cannot be changed. By default, the actuator is equipped with an adapter designed for installation on WOMIX mixing valves. For installation on mixing valves from other manufacturers, we offer special adapters. Mixing valves on which the actuators are mounted should be "started" before the start of each heating season, i.e. checked whether the valve heart has not been seized during the central heating downtime. The above action can protect the actuator against destruction of the gear transmission. The actuator is equipped with LEDs showing the position of the valve heart.

Technical data:

Supply voltage:   230V AC 50-60HZ
Power consumption: 5 W
Connection: wire1,5 m, 3x0,75
Torque: 10 Nm (for nominal voltage)
Rotation angle

90 °, not adjustable

Angle rotation time 90°:

60sek, 120sek (depending on model)
Volume level: max. 40 dB (A)
Position indicator: LEDs, scale
Level of security: IP42
Operating temperature range:

0 - 50 °C

weight: 450 g
Manual/automatic switch  



Catalog number

Actuator SL 10 - 230/60s
Actuator SL 10 - 230/120s415001

Adapter SL01 for mixing valve Womix (basic equipment) 415101
Adapter SL02  for mixing valve Meibes V7 415102
Adapter SL03  for mixing valve ESBE, Danfoss (old generation) 415103
Adapter SL04 for mixing valve ESBE VRG / VRB 415104
Adapter SL05 for mixing valve WOMIX (old generation) 415105

Manual user instructions

High quality photos

  Instruction actuator SL 10
  Actuator SL 10