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Magnetic filter with strainer FM

The FM magnetic filter is a device designed to trap solid pollutants carried by water in central heating installations, heating networks, heat centers, boiler rooms, as well as in glycol installations in air-conditioning systems. Their use allows for the proper operation of heat exchangers, pumps, boilers and other system devices, preventing the deposition of impurities that remain in the desilter and are easy to remove. Contrary to systems without a filter separator, the sedimentation of sludge and limescale effectively reduces the efficiency of devices operating in such conditions. This is especially important for heat exchangers.
Advantages of using a magnetic filter with strainer:

- securing and significantly reducing the risk of damage to the installation and its components,
- silencing the operation of the installation,
- exceptional simple removal of the separator contamination, removal of contamination without the need to shut down the installation.



Catalog number

Magnetic filter with strainer FM 65 - DN 25
Magnetic filter with strainer FM 80 - DN 32
Magnetic filter with strainer FM 100 - DN 40
Magnetic filter with strainer FM 150 - DN 50611094

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