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Two-zone accumulation hydraulic separator DUO-ZONER

The two-zone accumulation hydraulic separator DUO-ZONER is made of steel. It acts as a tank, hydraulic separator and zone manifold for two heating circuits. Its task is to facilitate the operation of the heat pump in order to meet the heat demand with optimal modulation and to cover the peak loads with the support of an auxiliary heat source. Appropriate placement of connections and a partition ensures proper liquid stratification and maintaining an appropriate difference between the two temperature levels. The diameter and spacing of the connections allow for direct connection of DN 25 pump groups in any configuration, giving the possibility to operate up to 2 heating circuits. The couplings are available in two versions, a capacity of 45 L and 70 L, and each of them has the option of connecting 2 heat sources. An additional sleeve allows the use of a magnetic insert MS 150 - DN 15. The product includes insulation, automatic air vent, sleeve for thetemperature sensor, drain valve and mounting feet.

Technical data:
Total capacity: 45L or 70L (depending on the model)
Insulation: EPP black
Pressure: 6 bar
Maximum temperature: 95 ° C
Connection diameter:
heat source side: 1 ”GZ
heating circuits side: 1 1/2 "nut
Spacing of connections:
side of heating circuits: 125mm


The MS 150 - DN 15 magnetic cartridge is equipped with a sleeve with a neodymium magnet.

Technical data:
Material: Brass
Magnet: Neodymium 12000G


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Two-zone accumulation hydraulic separator DUO-ZONER 45
Two-zone accumulation hydraulic separator DUO-ZONER 70
Wall brackets for mounting on the wall
Magnetic cartridge MS 150 - DN 15 607250

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