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3-way zone valves WZP3

3-way zone valves of the WZP3 series are intended for heating and cooling systems. They are used in installations where it is required to use an element that switches the flow directions of the medium. The actuator is mounted on the valve with a clip, which facilitates assembly and does not require any additional tools. The actuator is equipped with an anti-blocking function. If the motor is blocked, it reverses its direction of operation. Thanks to this, the actuator is protected against damage, which significantly increases its service life. The valve scale shows the current position of the valve, and the compact dimensions allow it to be used even in small rooms.

Technical data:

Connections: WZP3-20M - 3/4 “ M / WZP3-25M - 1 " M / WZP3-32M - 1 1/4" M
Kvs: 8 m3/h for WZP3-20M - 3/4 “ M / WZP3-25M - 1 " M 13 m3/h for WZP3-32M - 1 1/4" M
Voltage/Power: 230V AC, 50 Hz, 7VA
Control signal: 2-point SPST
Protection class: II, IP44
Position indicator: on top of cover
Maximum Torque: 5 Nm
Cable: 3 x 0,75 mm2,1m
Rotation time and angle: 8s/60°
Ambient temperature: 0°C..+55°C
Certificate: CE , ROHS
Nominal pressure: PN10
Medium: water, glycol < 50%,
Media temperature: min. +5°C, max. +80°C
Leakage (Δ p=1 bar): 0,1% kvs
Max. diff. pressure: 1 bar
Materials: brass, PPS, PTFE
Sealing ring: PA 66+ rubber



Catalog number

3-way zone valve WZP3-20M
3-way zone valve WZP3-25M
3-way zone valve WZP3-32M601073

Mounting and operating instructions

High-quality photos

  Catalog card diverting 3-way valve WZP3
  Diverting 3-way valve
  Mounting and operating instructions diverting 3-way valve WZP3