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Steel safety group 3 bar

The 3 bar safety bar for central heating is made of steel. It is designed for installation in home heating systems. Its task is to protect the installation against pressure increase caused by the increase in water temperature in the installation. The beam is equipped with an automatic air vent with a drain valve, a 3 bar safety valve, a pressure gauge and a set of mounting pins. Additionally, in the lower part of the beam, there are connections for the expansion vessel and power supply from the boiler.

Technical data:

Material: steel
Maximum working temperature: 95 ° C
Max. working pressure: 6 bar
Safety valve opening pressure: 3 bar



Catalog number

Steel safety group 3 bar, with equipment200601
Steel safety group 3 bar, with equipment with automatic quick coupling 3/4"

Mounting and operating instructions

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  Catalog card safety group 3 bar