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Automatic air vent Compact

The automatic air vent valves are installed in order to remove the air that accumulates in heating and air conditioning systems. Thanks to their functioning, without need of manual operation, they allow to avoid for certain and permanently harmful phenomena that could compromise the life and the performance of any systems. Especially, it is possible to limit the negative effect of galvanic corrosion (due to extreme presence of oxygen inside the piping) and cavitation. Moreover, these valves allow to optimize the heating and cooling power of each system, since they avoid the formation of air pockets inside radiators and fancoil units.

Technical data:

Body: brass UNI EN 1982-2000
Cap: brass CW617N
Float: Polyethylene
Max temperature: 110 °C
Max pressure: 6 bar



Catalog number

Automatic vertical air vent Compact with a 1/2 " check valve100100

Mounting and operating instructions

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