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Mixing valves 3F, 4F


Mixing valves 3F, 4F are used in central heating. Three-way mixing valve is used primarily to reduce the temperature of heating circuit such as floor heating systems. Four-way mixing valve in addition to temperature control circuit protects the boiler / heat source from a low return temperature. Fully automatic operation of the valve can be provided by the motor from WOMIX like MP 10 or MP 15.


Technical data:


Dimensions: from DN 25 to DN 150
Seal: two O-rings EPDM
Body: cast iron
Rotor: brass
Angle of rotation: 90°
Max pressure: 6 bar
Max. temp. 110°C
Handle: plastic
Scale: steel



 for dimension  DN 25 - DN 50 - MP 10
 for dimension  DN 65 - DN 150 - MP 15

Leak at a maximum pressure differential and a closed valve:

for 3-way valves:

for 4-way valves


max. 1%

max. 1,5 %


Mounting and operating instructions

Photos of high quality

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