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Circulation pump eco PRO


Hot water circulation installations in buildings

Water circulation in heating installations.
Modernization and construction of new installations.
For single- and multi-family housing.

Lifting height:
Power supply:
Max energy consumption:
Maximum working pressure:
Temperature of pumped medium:
Protection class:
Mounting dimension:
Dimensions of connections:
Catalog number

up to 1 m/h
up to 1 m
single-phase 200-240V 50/60 Hz
8 W
10 bar
from +2 ° C to 95 ° C
IP 44
65 mm
1/2 " F x 1/2" F
0,75 kg
stainless steel / carbon / composite

WOMIX eco PRO circulation pumps are high-efficiency hot water devices with infinitely variable speed. The pump has a permanent magnet motor with a spherical / spherical rotor, which means that the only moving part is the rotor placed on a hard ceramic ball. This design ensures the highest efficiency and low noise at a reasonable purchase price. Thanks to such a small rotor support surface, the pump does not require manual unblocking, in addition, the torque required to start the pump is minimal. WOMIX eco PRO has an automatic and intuitive venting function and stand-by functions when it is not necessary to use the pump, eg in the summer. The LED indicates any errors.

These pumps can be intended for both single-family and multi-family houses. They comply with drinking water regulations and provide effective protection against legionella through drinking water circulation. The hot water circuit ensures that hot water is available immediately even in the farthest away tap.

The Womix eco PRO 15-1 / 65 pump with infinitely variable speed requires only 3-8W!
High efficiency circulation pumps - save up to 90% of electricity costs compared to a standard 25 W pump.

The pump is:
- economic
- vital
- resistant to scale
- solidly made
- quiet
- compact.

Mounting and operating instruction

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