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Mixing unit SMT 90 - DN 20


SMT 90 DN 20 - (¾") mixing unit is a system with a 3-way mixing valve controlled by a rotary electric actuator and is connectable to any type of controller. The valve has 2 bypasses: - upper bypass (plant circuit): takes a part of the plant return water and runs it into flow, thus allows the recovery of heat and the balance of flow temperature; ideal for underfloor heating systems; - lower bypass (boiler circuit): allows to bypass the flow fluid when there is a pump in the boiler and the valve is closed. The pump is Wilo. It can be intercepted through the closure of the upstream mixing valve and the downstream flanged ball valve for easy checking or replacement at any time without having to empty the plant. The temperature of flow and return can be checked using the two thermometers. A check valve is inside the return spacer fitting. An over pressure bypass unit can be applied to the upper part of the ball valves. All seals are assured by flat fittings and gaskets. The standard unit is supplied with right flow. It may be converted to left flow directly by the installer inverting the space fitting and pump positions and acting on the valve following the instructions. The unit is available with or without pump. The connections of unit are ¾" F and can be connected at any commercial connection.


Axle spacing:  90 mm
Insulation material:  EPP black 40g/l
Gaskets material:  VITON/EPDM
Max temperature:
 120 °C
Max pressure: 8 bar
Installation length of pump:130 mm
¾" F x 1" M




Pump group SMT 90 -DN 20 (3/4") with insulation and Wilo Yonos Para 15/6
Pump group SMT 90 -DN 20 (3/4") with insulation and Grundfos UPM3S AUTO 15-60