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Actuator MP 05 CR NEW with integrated regulators



The actuators MP 05 CR NEW with integrated constant thermal regulator are used in central heating systems with mixing valve. The actuator maintains a constant temperature of the medium heating circuit. Through a built-in DIP switch (located under the cover of the actuator), we can choose additional functions such as:
- the direction of rotation of the actuator,
- the minimum temperature limit - a choice: +60...85°C,
- the maximum limit temperature - +25...45°C,
- change of response factor

For the device operation does not require any external controls.




The actuator with integrated thermal regulator MP 05 CR NEW  with adapter  A 101                                               401051

Adapter nr A 101 for mixing valves MIX M, MIX MT WOMIX - base equipment401101
Adapter nr A 062 for mixing valves WITA Minimix and type H, Meibes V6 
Adapter nr A 063 for mixing valves Meibes V7 
Adapter nr A 064 for mixing valves ESBE, Danfoss
Adapter nr A 065 for mixing valves ESBE, Danfoss VRG, VRB


Technical data:

Nominal voltage:   230 V, +/- 15V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 3,5 VA
Connection: plug 230 V
Torque: 10 Nm - nominal voltage
Angle of rotation:  90°
Running time: 135 secound
Protection class: II
Level of protection: IP 40
Supply temp. sensor: NTC, 8,5kΩ for + 25°C, lenght 1 m
Maximum temperature measurement: 110°C
Temperature range of heating:
20 - 80 °C
Temp. limit maximum +25 °C...+45 °C
Temp. limit minimum +60 °C ... +85 °C


Mounting and operating instructions

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