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Bioflux ball valves with filter


Bioflux ball valve is designed for installation in heating and domestic hot water.

You can not install the valve in the gas and oil installations.


Bioflux ball valve is an exclusive purification device is incorporated in the bioflux valve which guarantees the elimination of solid residue in the plumbing. The highly innovative patent on which Bioflux valves are based enables a very simple filter cleaning and maintenance procedure, without requiring isolation of the duct. Bioflux reduces operating costs while ensuring greater resistance and durability of the plumbing system in the long term.

Bioflux valves are useful in various situations for the protection of heating systems, appliances or simply to improve water quality at home.

Environmental friendly

The materials used for the manufacture of Bioflux ball valves are suitable in 99% recyclable, further in over 50% of the materials come from recycling. Such use of material leads to considerable savings on the raw materials used as well as energy consumption.



Catalog number 

Ball valve 1/2" with filter, butterfly                                                                                                                      100001
Ball valve 3/4" with filter, butterfly 100002
Ball valve 1" with filter, butterfly 100003
Ball valve 1 1/4" with filter, handle 100004
Ball valve 1 1/2" with filter, handle 100005