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Complete system for cascade of hanging boilers

 System advantages:
- a complete system,
- quick, easy assembly,
- there is no possibility of error by the fitter
-a possibility of direct connection to the boiler room system.

        The system has been designed to fit all suspended boilers available on the market with a width of not more than 650 mm. Contact us to provide us with information about which cascade of boilers you are building, and we will produce for you a distributor tailored to your needs. Important information you should give us is: connection of a DN 25 or DN 32 boiler, boiler supply from the left or right side and spacing between supply and return. The system will be produced under the order, therefore the deadline for the order is 7 working days from the confirmation of the drawing and the date of payment of the advance. Each time we will ask you to pay  down payment for production and you will not be able to return the above goods.